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  • OT: Welp, UNC got away unpenalized for Academic Fraud


    "While student-athletes likely benefited from the courses, so did the general student body," said Sankey. "Additionally, the record did not establish that the university created and offered the courses as part of a systemic effort to benefit only student-athletes."

    What a JOKE!!!!!!

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    NCAA is a joke! They are a fraud and only cares about making money. UNC should lose its accreditation.


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      Not surprised at all. Just makes you wonder what is the point of having the NCAA. NC can sugarcoat the facts all they want but even their own student athletes called the university out. How the hell can USC get hit so hard with sanctions for one player and schools such as NC, Ohio St, Auburn, Miami, ect get basically a slap on the wrist for what should be major infractions. Does the NCAA really have something against USC? The infractions against USC set the football program back 6 or 7 years and basketball back 3 or 4 years.
      Upon hearing the FBI investigation and Tony Bland being involved my initial thought was shit "here we go again" anything for the NCAA to try to set USC basketball back. I don't know the first thing about how the AAU circuit runs or how the shoe companies operate. But you would have to be naive to not believe this stuff has been going on for many years. Sonny Vaccaro was paying head coaches to have his basketball shoes worn by the players. And Vaccaro's relationship with Tark was well known. Needless to say it was hard to believe Tark could recruit all these great basketball players to UNLV and later Fresno St. without a little assistance from Vaccaro. Tark by far was not the only one involved. So why is the FBI getting involved with college basketball, especially when they could have been looking into this many years ago. Is this really what we need our tax paying dollars being used for? I would think terrorism, a person buying guns at an alarming rate, child pedophiles, ponzi schemes and the list goes on would be more important to focus on. These coaches weren't trying to harm anyone. In most respects I'm sure these coaches helped young men become better people. As far as the financial advisors and shoe companies go I'm sure their are some very shady people in the business. But who doesn't want to make money for the company they work for? The charges sound serious (80 years in some cases)and Chase and the UCLA honk had a discussion back and forth on it which was way beyond my understanding. Does anybody really think the 10 people involved are looking at serious time? It would be hard for me to believe they can lock some decent people up for doing their job. If they want to do that they better start building a couple of more prisons because pretty much every major D-1 program is involved. There's a reason you haven't heard much out of the mouth of any head coaches because they know they may be next. Does anybody think Calipari is clean? Just watch his press conference yesterday. How about the poster child of college basketball coaches....Coach K, do you think he has no idea what's going on?
      So coming back to USC basketball. Having been a fan since the mid 70's and knowing that USC is going to be special this year as well as years to come I was concerned the FBI investigation was going to derail the freight train that is USC basketball. But after today's ruling with North Carolina I can't see how the NCAA has a leg to stand on. I guess we'll see how this all shakes out but my best guess is this investigation is not going to go much further. Because if it does its going to reach the likes of Duke, NC, Kentucky, UCLA, Kansas and I don't think the world of College Basketball wants that.