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  • Hey J'Raan Brooks!

    Dear J'Raan

    I hope you keep this class together. You have a great chance to be part of something extra special by sticking with these other guys. With you, we are looking at a top 5 class (if you go by the rankings), maybe better if you actually go by the tape.

    It's pretty clear from watching the tape that you are one of the most refined big men in the country. The skill set you possess heading into your senior year is rare. If you sign with USC, I personally think you will be the most skilled incoming Trojan big man in a long time. This includes guys like Taj Gibson, Nicola Vucevic and Brian Scalabrine. Truth be known, you remind me a little bit of a guy named Hank Gathers.

    What about the scandal? You are definitely doing the right thing to do your due diligence and make sure you have all the right answers. No one should begrudge you that.

    But, in the end, I hope you conclude that it is highly unlikely that this affair will have a major negative impact on your college years. USC itself will be an amazing experience -- and I'm sure by now you know about the extensive network the school offers -- but it will also be amazing because you have a chance to build on what the current roster has done.

    Leaping forward from that level -- as the main big on the hottest hoops program in the country -- is the way to go, as opposed to starting from scratch as part of a weak roster or becoming just another cog at a machine-like program.

    Coach Enfield's players improve and they have fun. You can do both in the largest sports media market while playing for a top 10 hoops team in a place where dreams are made.

    What more can you ask for?


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    No one's mad about it. You did the smart thing. Many of us would have done the same. Here's the thing: We loved Tony Bland but he made the kind of mistake that we just don't abide by here at USC and that's all been dealt with. He's no longer part of the program. We've got a great staff in place and we'll go out and get someone fantastic to replace him with next year under the same system and school you wanted to be a part of. Coaching turnover happens at EVERY school. The loss of Bland is nothing you won't experience elsewhere except here we've gone ahead and gotten it out of the way so your chance for continuity is even higher.

    The bottom line is things are shaking out in favor of USC. We want you to come home and finish off the class. Take your time, but don't forget you're welcome and wanted here.

    Fight On!


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