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  • OT: I watched the Lakers game tonight in great detail

    -Great win vs a good team, but the thing that stood out is they actually played defense
    -Lonzo is doing what he needs to do offensively, but the shot has to go in. I know they aren't going to change the funky shot, but it is too much of a line drive. He gets his shooting hand too much on top of the ball. He can prove everyone one wrong by just making them. The rest of his offensive game is spot on. He needs to get stronger, but what 19 year old doesn't
    -He and the rest of the team played great defense
    -Ingram is a puppy growing into his body. When done, he will be Greek Freak Pacific
    This team is so young and the Warriors so good I would not sell the farm to get George and LeBron. If they come, great, but at the right price.

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    It might not look like it because of his demeanor on the court, but Lonzo took it personally to stop John Wall. Was amazed at his man to man defense and how he was able to get his hands on the ball to disrupt some of John Wall's shot attempts to the basket. His shots are usually in line but a little long where it hits the heel of the rim, those shots will eventually fall. He also had several attempts at the rim where he didn't have to get too cute and switch hands.

    I love what KCP brings to the team. Much different approach and mindset on defense and picking his spots offensively. Definitely doesn't play like he's 24 years old.

    Larry Nance Jr. has consistently been the team's most productive player. You can tell he put in a lot of work in the offseason. Very efficient and plays hard 110% of the time.

    If Julius Randle can continue to be a disruptor on defense and be selfless on offense, he will maximize his game. There was one possession late in the 4th quarter where he decided to take the ball up the court and drive to the basket which resulted to him turning the ball over, that sequence alone demonstrated that he needs to get away from that mindset. Still think he's best when he's scrapping down low, and not with the ball in his hands out in the perimeter.


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      Randle and the team found something when he as the small ball center. It makes them very versatile.

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    I am a Lonzo fan, what I like is he gets the ball moving quick, not the typical bounce bounce bounce point guard. What I see is they pass for a good shot and then miss it