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  • Deandre Ayton is Greg Oden and other observations from last night's scrimmages

    For those who missed it (and surely most of you did, watching Game 7), Arizona played Eastern New Mexico and UCLA played Cal State LA (coach by none other than Jim Saia) last night in exhibition games. The games were broadcast on the Pac-12 Network.

    Both Arizona and UCLA won by blow outs -- no surprise there against Division II programs. But both struggled at times as well.

    Here are some key takeaways:

    ** I have not seen a low block offense force in the college game like Deandre Ayton since Greg Oden. Their styles and skill sets are very similar. Ayton scored 31 points on the overmatched Greyhounds in 24 minutes on 13 of 16 shooting. Without seeing him, it's hard to explain just how physically dominating he was.

    ** Thomas Welsh has expanded that baseline jumper to the top of the key. Welsh scored 22 points in 21 minutes on 10 of 13 shooting, including 2 for 2 from Three-Point range. Welsh should lead UCLA in scoring this season.

    ** If Arizona has a weakness, it's going to be outside shooting. Other than Trier, the outside shooting was not only shaky, but looked awkward. Brandon Randolph, who looked like another freshman stud in the Red & Blue Game, looked really uncomfortable shooting from 3. PJC and UNC-Ashville transfer Dylan Smith both sat; so they may end up making the difference.

    ** UCLA shot 64% from the field against the completely overmatched Golden Eagles. But there were points in the game where Cal State LA was able to keep it close thanks to 24 turnovers by the Bruins.

    ** It appears Sean Miller is really trying to get Emmanul Akot (who would been a HS senior right now, but for him reclassifying over the summer) on the court and heavily involved. From a physical standpoint, Akot has the goods in spades. He's a legit 6'7" and is built like a brickshithouse. He's a paradigm example of looking like a Big, who moves like a guard.

    ** Perhaps the most interesting position for UCLA will be at the 4-man spot ... as GG Goloman appears far ahead of frosh blue chipper Cody Riley; the interesting part will be whether the very young, less-heralded recruit, Chris Smith, will end up taking major minutes away from Riley as well. Based on substitution patterns yesterday, it appears Alford simply likes Smith better .... and possibly for very good reason, as Smith would appear to have the bigger upside.

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    Woah. You ain't kidding. Ayton is a freaking man. Guy looks like he's 25 years old. Here are the highlights



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      From a physical/athletic standpoint, he actually reminds me of highlights I've seen of Wilt Chamberlain.
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        Whoa. Wilt? Greg Oden? Lol Ayton is good , but i’ll Still take MB3 over him. Biggest knock on Ayton was his motor, and Oden played at 100% every single time. We’ll see if Ayton can sustain this type of play/attitude.


        • MeltonNotHelton
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          I'm talking from a physical standpoint. Compare the shoulders and movement of the two and it's eerily similar. Also, Ayton bounces around and glides like a 6-4 guy. Really unique player.

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        He looked kind of slow to me. Upright on defense. A player with his alleged pedigree should be dunking everything around the basket. Perhaps he needs to get into game shape.


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          He's a pretty dominant force on the inside but almost too big where it hurts other parts of his game. He's elite vertically but lacks fluidity


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            Lacks fluidity??? What player are you watching??


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              Originally posted by MeltonNotHelton View Post
              Lacks fluidity??? What player are you watching??
              Got limited lateral quickness and foot speed. Great player and will go top 5 but he isn't versatile compared to others like Bagley, too big


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                seems very stiff to me


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                  You guys do realize that he is 7 feet tall and 250 pounds, right?

                  Look at this play at the 47 seconds spot. How many 7 footers at that size do you know of who can do this?


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                    He is a different player than Bagley, but he looks very promising. Is only going to get better as the season progresses.


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                      Wow a freshman, insane. And what is his wing span, 7'6"? Metu is going to have a rough night.