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  • Holy shit...did you guys realize...

    ...that it's GAME WEEK?

    We play Cal State Fullerton on Friday. No mention of this on the current front page of USC's official website. There's no season preview posted. There's no 'get the fans to the game' type of drive. Lots of the usual football bullshit for a meaningless road game. ZERO hoops content.

    Here are 5 key things that I'm on the lookout for in Friday's game:

    1. Thornton. How will he be used? Is he rusty? Are we better with him at the point or with JMac?

    2. Rakocevic. Has he gotten stronger? Is he ready to make a jump in improvement?

    3. Which of the freshmen are ready to play? Is Usher going to live up to the early hype?

    4. How will Enfield manage the rotation? How will certain players deal with reduced minutes?

    5. Effort. With the deep bench, will this create short but frequent bursts of intensity on both ends of the floor?

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    Game week


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      Excited to finally get the games going. Hoping for a good turnout at Galen.

      Also will be interested to see offensive tempo and defensive scheme. With all the depth, I'd like to see Enfield ramp up the defensive pressure and push the ball in transition.


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        The biggest question is obviously whether Melton will be playing or not.


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          Originally posted by elum07 View Post
          The biggest question is obviously whether Melton will be playing or not.

          I’m expecting Melton to be out. This depresses me as I was really looking forward to seeing his continued development, not to mention what a key piece he is to the success of this team. It does give an opportunity for others to step up but, man...

          I’ve got season tics so I’ll be there Friday night and for every home game this season.


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            Have season tix as well and will be there friday.


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              Based on past history I would expect a lot of substitutions. My biggest question is how many fans we get on a nothing else to do Friday night. Will any students show. The team has done everything they can do, its our turn to make this program great


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                I assume Melton will be out as well. I think what will be more interesting is what Enfield says about his status after the game. He kind of has to address it at that point, so we'll see if he just says "indefinite suspension" or adds any more detail.

                The bright side of Melton being out is it makes minutes distribution a lot easier for Enfield. Thornton, Mathews, Aaron and freshman should benefit and get a chance to make their mark early.
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                  I'm excited to see who will make a leap in production and be the most improved player on the team. Metu was amazing last year and became incredibly efficient, especially on offense. He's going to be a big go to offensive option down low. Who else has worked on their game to become an efficient stat stuffer. Many will improve, but I think Bennie ups his %s and solidifies himself as a legit pro prospect. The talent is there, going to be fun to watch the team develop and grow.


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                    Any guesses on Friday’s fifth starter now that Melton might not play?

                    Aaron, Matthews, Usher or Thornton?

                    I’ll guess Matthews to start the season. Jonah can provide a similar role to De’Anthony even if not quite at that level.


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                      Matthews or Thornton


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                        While I'm devastated over the news that SC basketball AGAIN gets caught up in something (that every program is involved in) while on the precipice of something great, I'm still very excited for the season and am hoping to make it out to some games this year.

                        It's just uncanny how many times SC basketball gets a little something going only to take 10 steps backward.

                        And yes SC's athletic department as we know is a joke. They have done nothing to promote the basketball program. I'm far more interested in SC basketball than I am in football and it will stay that way as long as the Athletic Dept runs the football program like it's Arizona State.
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                          With Melton out, big opportunity for Aaron