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  • Big moment for me as a USC hoops fan!

    I'll try to keep this short. I couldn't remember the email address to the account I made years and years ago. I never sign in because I mostly lurk, I don't have any insider information and I tend to just try to keep it low key.

    Growing up in Tennessee, I've been a USC fan since 2002 (I was 7 years old). I didn't have anyone to tell me who to root for, so I picked USC because I liked their colors on my video game. Mom didn't care about sports so I was left to my own devices.

    At first, I was all into the football team, then in 2006, I watched the basketball team beat Texas in the NCAA tournament and I was hooked. I've since watched and followed the basketball team much more passionately than the football team. I got a Dwight Lewis jersey that next Christmas, and would refuse to miss a game. I loved my Trojans and I loved watching our boys play basketball.

    Being in Tennessee and being so young made it difficult to ever see a game. I was 5 hours away when they came to Tennessee years ago, and I've been desperate to see a game. I remember staying home on weekend nights to watch our boys play in the tournament, I remember crying after we got knocked out by Michigan State, I remember the heartache of the allegations wrecking our program, I remember the frustration of seeing Floyd leave, seeing Kevin O'neill run it into the ground..

    I remember staying up sooo late just to catch the games. Being on the East coast, the games would go well past midnight, and I would show up to school the next day more tired than ever, but it was always worth it. I remember the shotty streams I would watch on my old laptop, refusing to miss a game even if it meant having to follow along play-by-play on the gamecast. it's been quite a ride.

    Now, I'm a grown man, graduated college, married, 22 years old working full time in Atlanta, GA, and I just bought tickets to see our boys play in Nashville against Vanderbilt on the drive home for Thanksgiving. I can't even begin to express how much this moment will mean to me. USC basketball was a big part of me following in love with basketball, and getting to see them play live will be one of the most surreal and incredible sporting experiences of my life! It always blows my mind when I see empty seats and read you guys talk about no one wanting to go with you to see games.

    It's icing on the cake that this is the strongest we've been in a long time, maybe ever. It's like a fantasy and thank you guys for the part you all played in helping me follow this team so passionately over the last decade.
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    Welcome to the board


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      Welcome to the board. Love hearing stories like yours. If you ever get the chance to make it to a big game at Galen or at the coliseum, it will get you hooked even more. Seeing the campus, hearing the Spirit of Troy play live, and being among fellow Trojans is awesome. Again, welcome to the Trojan family and Fight On!


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          Great post! If you ever happen to make it out to L.A. during the season and would like tickets, let me know. We have pretty good seats, but don't get to all the games. If the timing works out, nothing would make me happier than having a true fan like you enjoy your first game at the Galen Center on me. Fight On!


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            I also have pretty decent tickets and would be willing to donate if our schedules line up.


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              Trojanesq and phear_sc...or for that matter, anyone on the board. As the season progresses, do you know if there will be a ticket exchange link somewhere here? I will be partaking in an SC basketball weekend for the UO/OSU matchups and am looking for good seats to the UO game that Thursday. Can't frickin wait for the season, just hope all of this FBI stuff gets worked through.


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                Thank you all for those offers, if I am ever in the area during the season, I will certainly reach out.

                I've looked at the tickets 2 or 3 times today just to remind myself of how incredible it is going to be. Fight on!


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                  fighton2495,welcome to this great board. My story is very similar to yours except I am older then you. I grew up in NYC and fell in love with the football team in the 1960's because I hated Notre Dame(don't really know why)and USC was beating them and had O.J.Simpson. I then started following the hoops team and when USC signed a local kid,Gus Williams I tried to follow EVERY game. Back in the day I used to call sports phone(my parents were not happy with the phone bill)every 15 minutes or so for score updates.
                  I now live in Florida where like you,I stay up late during games to either watch them or follow online. This should be a great season and I don't recall being this excited for over 40 years. Fight On!


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                    wow and I thought I was a big USC hoops fan! That's a great story...and Marty, Gus was my all time favorite until Harold came along. I have a good buddy who comes with me tot he games and he's from the Mt. Vernon area ...some great players came from that area including Rodney and scooter McCray. Incidentally it was because of OJ that I became a USC fan...If any of you on the board are in the founder's room before the game tomorrow please join me for a drink...


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                      G4sc, Way back when Mount Vernon had an awesome basketball program. The McCray's, Gus,Ray,and Sam Williams. Michael Young,who starred for Manhattan and there were others during that era who excelled in college who I can't recall. Many of these great players played in the Greenburgh summer league where I coached a couple of teams. I once coached a team from Bridgeport,Ct.and my team had Wes Matthews(former 1st round pick who has two rings with the Lakers,John Bagley( former 1st round pick)and All American from Boston College,and Charles Smith,who was the 3rd overall pick in the NBA when he came out. This team,with my great coaching, lost to a club team from White Plains. I guess that is why I didn't pursue coaching as a career.LOL.


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                        welcome, young bro.

                        i travel a ton for work but i was in atlanta when we faced the vols in knoxville so i made the trip. nikola had himself a game that night and i was fortunate enough to watch us punk the gaudy orange that day (actually, the fans were super nice).

                        it looks like i'll be at vandy as well on the 19th. i think i am in 2L, behind the basket.

                        anyways, great to see trojan basketball fans anywhere, let alone fans in their 20s growing up in the south. that's outstanding.

                        fight on!