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  • Pac-12 streaming?

    I have Direct TV. Anyone know how I can see the game tomorrow?

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    I asked the question on another board since xrxs.net was my go to for P12 games. That has been shut down and I got these two alternatives:
    google: atdhe.net

    I haven't used either one yet, but I played around some with each of them and it seemed like livetv.sx was easier to use. The atdhe seemed to have some pop ups and I couldn't get rid of them. I'd also say, do it over an iphone. If you do it on your lap top, you may have a trillion pop ups and who knows what other good things that may try to download on your computer.


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      If you want a stable, authorized solution for Pac 12 games and don't mind paying each month, Sling TV has a Pac 12 Network option available. I believe it's either $20 or $25 per month and would include other channels you can stream as well. They have a 7-day free trial so you can try it first and see if you like it. I used it last season and it worked well. The picture quality was good and it was much more stable than the free streaming sites I'd tried before.

      You can stream games on your computer or via an Apple TV app if you have Apple TV. They probably have Roku and Amazon apps as well.



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        i also have directv. i asked around for people with an xfinity log-in and the pac12 network and watch the games via the xfinity app.


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          I have basic DirecTV for $55 / mo here in Vegas. On my Roku, I have HBO ($13) and Sling ($25 + $5 for the sport package). I get all the Pac12 channels and Fox sports channels via the Sling. I'm not completely a "cable cord cutter" just yet, but may be soon.... Enjoy the game everyone!


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            I have been using this guy's site for years now: http://i4atv.info/schedule/pac12/

            It used to be twigs76, but he changed his domain this last year. He has open streams for PAC 12 Network as well as all the regional streams. Pretty neat stuff; I can only think of one time when the site was down. Enjoy! Fight On!