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  • Pretty impressive showing on night one...

    With the exception of the occasional Bennie Buckets Black Hole, a lot of unselfish play. Metu's addition of a three point game makes him lethal. Liked what I saw from Thornton considering he hasn't played in so long. Defensive effort was great. The mixing up of defenses is good and I hope it continues. Good show by the guys.

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    The full-court press is an outstanding wrinkle that other teams now have to prepare for. We have the depth and athletes to make that effective. Really impressed with Thorton’s intensity on D—he gets into his man well, very active hands.

    The main weakness I saw live was one we struggled with last year: defensive rebounding. We do not have beefy, space-eaters up front so it really has to be a team effort. Fullerton outrebounded us by 1.

    For those that were there, what did you think of the atmosphere? I thought the fans showed out pretty well—and the student section was completely full. Hopefully buzz on this team continues to grow.

    I’ve got the game against Texas A&M circled as a good early-season barometer of how special this team can be. Hope to see Melton back by then...


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      I was pleasantly surprised with how many people showed up. energy was great and the loudest point throughout the night was when everyone got free chick-fil-a. 😆 If USC wins the next couple games I feel like we could get close to selling out Galen for the A&M game

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    Hard to tell who we are against CSUF. But we did what we were supposed to do.


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      Hard to complain with a 42 point win, but agreed there's not too much we can take away from this game. I thought the offense was a little clunky and we weren't getting great looks. Defense looked good other than we gave up 5-6 open corner 3's (and I don't think Fullerton made any of them). We've been a bad defensive rebounding team every year of the Enfield era, and that continues to be a concern. That is an area where we really miss Melton, who is our only elite rebounder for his position. Metu is average to above average for his position and everyone else is probably below average for position.

      Great student crowd for game 1. Crowd other than students was a little underwhelming. I think I saw attendance of 6,200 which is a marked increase from game 1 past several years. I just hope we can sustain / build on that level of attendance.

      Testament to how far our program has gone that no one is all that surprised with a 42 point victory!


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        Also was a little surprised how little minute O'bannon got even in a blowout. And in the minutes he got he didn't seem quite prepared for speed of the college game. Don't see how he's going to get consistent minutes if / when we get Melton back. Hope Enfield will be able to keep him engaged and improved. Usher seems like only freshman in line for real minutes--his energy and rebounding definitely fill a need.


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          Big Victor will surprise in time.


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            One thing we know about Victor is that he can hit his free throws. Agreed, that in time, he'll be a force down low.... rebs, blocks, D, and dunks!

            Aaron looked like he was much more under control. He played D and make open shots. I was impressed with this patience and intensity.

            Overall, I loved the defensive intensity and especially the full court press!

            FIGHT ON ---Uzo


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              None of the frosh looked ready for bigtime minutes. But that’s okay.