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  • Way too early prediction for this years record

    After watching Pac12 games and highlights this weekend, here is my prediction -

    12-1 in non-conference
    14-4 Conference record
    26-5 not including Pac 12 tourney

    I think we will lose one game in this 3 game stretch - Texas A&M, @SMU, Oklahoma. I also think we will win the the Diamond Head Classic tourney.

    I think we lose 3 games in this 7 game stretch - @UCLA, @Ariz, @ASU, Oregon, OSU, @Colorado, @Utah. And another game maybe @Oregon.

    26-5 record should live up to our top 10 preseason rankings. If we reach Pac 12 finals against UofA, win or lose, we could be seeded 2 or 3 as forcasted by the so called experts.

    We have great depth but I believe we are also going to miss Melton's- swiss army knife all around game at some point. NBA scouts are so high on him for good reasons.

    What is your early prediction for this years record?

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    I think we'll go 15-3 in conference at worst. Melton will be back and we'll be that much better. I think we might lose two in the OOC though. 26-5 sounds about right, though I wouldn't be surprised if we went 28-3.


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      Hmm, I would be very surprised if we lost to both TAMU and Oklahoma in Los Angeles. We are better than both of them and will have home court advantage, etc. Honestly if we lost those both, I'd start to really worry about the team. I think Vanderbilt will be a tricky game, especially with their ridiculous court set-up. SMU will of course be tough, as will Miami in the Diamondhead Classic.

      14-4 sounds reasonable in the Pac, though if you told me we'd go 16-2, I wouldn't be stunned. I think we will be much more talented than every team except Arizona.


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        You might be on to something about the Vanderbilt Game, I will be there with my brother who is flying in from Los Angeles to watch the UCLA game with me and to attend this basketball game and it should be interesting. For those who have never seen that court, it is weird. It might take 10 minutes for the guys to get their bearings. It is not uncommon for visiting teams that have never played the Commodores on that court to have problems that have nothing to do with basketball per se,
        I don't think there will be that many SC fans , but there will be a few. If Mr Usher is reading this, would love to say hello.

        I guess I go back as far as most, though I have been quiet for some time. Enfield has done an amazing job and I hope the great run continues. At any rate, I don't get a chance to get to many games, the last being the UCLA-SC game at Pauley in 2015 when the guys were freshmen. This game is a real break for the few Trojan fans living here in Middle Tennessee.

        Here's hoping for a great season and I am very happy to say I have never seen more talent on an SC basketball team than I see on this team and that goes back to 1967. There have been some great individuals over the years, and the frontcourt of Clancy, Scalabrine and Bluthenthal was very good. I still remember the recruiting class with Gus Williams, Biff Burrell, Lambert, Chapman, Boyd and Mina. I can remember the game at the Sports Arena with Cliff Robinson against Duke with Gene Banks, et al, But I have never seen an SC team that can line up 10 or more legit starters. I am thrilled to get to see the Trojans live , up close and personal, MJDavidson ( MJD)


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          Enjoy the game, it should be a blast! The team is pretty incredible this year. I would have flown out to Vandy for the game (always looking to escape to Nashville) but I had a few family complications that are keeping me in town. Be as loud as you can be!