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Initial Thoughts on Reese Entering the Portal

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  • TrojanRecruit
    With the recruits coming in, despite his experience and talent, I think he saw the writing on the wall. He has to look out for his future, I get that. Likewise, with the talent coming in, I think we will be ok. I'd love to have him, of course. But I get it.

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  • TexasNick
    started a topic Initial Thoughts on Reese Entering the Portal

    Initial Thoughts on Reese Entering the Portal

    The case for him: Clean, projectable jumper. Career 35% 3-point shooter, 81% foul shooter with clean mechanics. Shot 10-22 from 3 to close the season. Elevated his mid-range game from last year. Solid frame that won’t get bullied as a post defender. Somewhat of a known commodity, he’s streaky but there’s a level of certainty in his production, and his 53% true shooting percentage is decent when you consider some of that being late clock mid range Js (see UCLA game at Pauley). I’m somewhat down on his game overall, but do really buy him as a shooter, despite the poor year from 3.

    The case against him: His true shooting percentage did dip from north of 60% last year to 53% this year, despite the improvement in his mid range game. A lot of that is due to higher usage and him having to shoot some late clock jumpers, but it’s a big enough dip to where it’s noticeable. He’s also not really an iso scorer capable of leading an offense, but more of a role player who can hit a shot here and there.

    I think he’s still best shooting catch and shoot 3s when you look at his career sample, but unfortunately he’s just not athletic enough to blow by defenders unless they’re closing out really hard on his 3 point shot. Pretty bad defensively and got blown by a good amount without getting very many steals. Thought he was our second worst defender outside of Tre White. Tre didn’t guard at all but was somewhat useful on the glass. Reese meanwhile, had a lower defensive rebounding rate than Boogie Ellis.

    The turnovers also spiked from last year to this year, in large part because he struggled with the higher usage role. He finished the year second on the team in turnover rate behind Vince (excl. Niagu), and his turnover rate was actually worse in conference play. The increased turnover rate and dip in efficiency caused his BPM to dip down to 1.4 this year, trailing all five starters including Tre White. Last year, despite his hyper efficient season, his BPM was only 3.9, because of the lack of steals, assists and rebounds. For reference, Kobe’s BPM was 8.3, Boogie’s was 7.2 and Drew’s was 5.8.

    Conclusion: I think the staff, if they did tell Reese that he was a role player, was correct in their evaluation. Although I definitely buy his shot, he just hasn’t shown enough positive impact in any other part of the game for him to start. Hopefully the staff can find a guy in the portal (definitely seems like they’re looking for a guard) and that Reese can find a place where he can get his shots up more than at USC