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New Podcast for August 13, 2023: USC goes 3-0 on overseas trip

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  • New Podcast for August 13, 2023: USC goes 3-0 on overseas trip

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    Great and spot on podcast. Thanks guys. I agree with most everything you guys stated. You didn't say much on Sellers who we call all agree didn't show much on the trip. We all might see a different player if he can FINALLY hit some threes and gain the confidence he seemingly so desperately needs. What I really liked in all three games is when the game was close and a basket needed the ball and shot ended up in Boogie's hands and he delivered amazingly every time. It's really important that players know their roles and that was evident in those possessions.
    I agree with you about the D and lack of but European play is more physical then our college game and our guys were fighting through solid ball screens for three games and didn't fight enough through the screens or switch properly. That's what practice is for. I wish we used more ball screens in our half court offense. IMO, it's a missing component of Andy Enfield's offense since he's been here.
    All in all the games were a lot of fun and this team will be very good IF we stay healthy.