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Made some videos on Film/Data on Some of our past games!

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  • Made some videos on Film/Data on Some of our past games!

    Hi! ive posted here before once!

    I'm USC student hoping to get into basketball analytics and film, for USC basketball, and Xs and Os of basketball! I posted a breakdown of some plays and the UCI game

    I've continued making breakdowns on our games if anyones interested, just seeing some problem areas we face on offense in each game and trying to tell kind of the "story" of each game in terms of what went well what went wrong and like the tactics and Xs and Os behind that on our offense which weve struggled with a bit as of late

    My overall take is we clealry know what we are doing and our coaching staff is smart and do make adjustments but there are some execution errors that continue off from last year, as well as similar issues to last year, that have hindered us a tad. The Sooners game was our best in terms of offensive execution but they also just felt really poor defensively in spite of them being a strong defense nationally!

    I go a bit into i guess talking about me at the end of the Seton Hall video at the 9 minute mark, it was short so I felt I had time to do so (and also it was 3:00 am in the morning haha) so just click out if ur not interested in that. I would personally say the Seton hall game and the Brown game are teh games we should learn the most from in terms of our offense, even if the Sooners are the best team we played, those were the two teams that made life difficult for us on offense, the Sooners decision to trap our miami stack set especially with those soft traps was just not a good one, whereas Seton Hall were fantastic with their help and crashing of the paint and rotating to help the helper and mostly deny us good threes (alot of our threes were off out of bounds or pullups rather than catch and shoots when they crashed the paint) and Brown continued on what UCI did with their coverages

    Hope you find these videos fun! Theyre each around 10-12 minutes long (Sooners is 9 if you ignore the little ending tangent I went on)


    Seton Hall:


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    Great stuff!!

    I'll add more soon.