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  • The most surprising thing

    about this year (there’s a lot to choose from) has been Kobe’s regression back to his freshman year self. He looks beyond uncomfortable with the ball in his hands and at times even becomes a defensive liability when he tries to hunt steals.

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    Without a doubt...Kobe's regression is the most surprising thing of this years squad.. All of the well versed media who follow this team, were certain Kobe would experience another big leap as he had from Freshman to Sophomore year. Very strange, how he has performed so poorly. I always thought he was a savvy smart player but he has looked anything but that this year.


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      I don't get it. He played great against KSU in the opener, got hurt, missed a couple of games, has returned and has been atrocious.


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        2nd most surprising thing is how little we are getting from the front court. Morgan is showing out but that is it