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Projecting Remaining 11 Conference Games + Conference Tournament

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  • Projecting Remaining 11 Conference Games + Conference Tournament

    USC has a minimum of 12 games left (which includes the Play-in Round of the Conference Tournament in Vegas).

    The 11 regular season games include trips to the Washington schools and the Bay Area schools. The remaining home schedule includes the Oregon schools and the Arizona schools.

    USC's best five remaining changes at victories are:

    -- Oregon State at Galen on Saturday

    -- Arizona State at Galen on the final Thursday of the regular season

    -- At Cal next week

    -- The games at Galen against Colorado and Utah

    Here are the stakes ....

    If USC finishes the season 2-9 and then loses in the first round of the Pac-12 Conference Tournament, then ...

    Andy Enfield's record since his being granted a new contract in March 2022 would be: 33-34 -- a losing record over a 67-game span.

    What does Andy's record look like in the prior 67 games? 53-14.

    That would be a 20-game falloff in record ... after the new contract was awarded.

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    I think there are a couple ways to interpret that discrepancy.
    1. Andy got paid and is now just chilling and not trying as hard, which way to look at things
    2. Andy feels more secure in his job and is now shooting for the moon. He knows how to create a team that plays really high quality defense and is big heavy to reduce game variance and have a solid record year in and year out. He also, like many fans, probably realizes the ceiling of those types of teams. So he's going back to his FGCU/ J-Mac roots and trying to create a guard-led team in hopes that that elevated the ceiling of the program. Obviously this didn't work this year but building around Collier and Boogie felt like a pretty solid idea before we saw it in action.
    3. Andy is more-or-less the same coach as he has been with the same motivation but has a team that has not gelled the way he thought they would over the past year and a half (injuries/personalities/NIL).
    4. What else has changed other than his contract? Assistant coaches, certain players on the roster, etc. Looking at this as a binary pre-post contract feels kind of academic and less rooted in reality.

    Curious what other people think but I still have faith that Andy is a pretty smart basketball mind and so am more inclined to lean towards #2


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      The problem with #2 is that Andy was surprised by Boogie's return, and the roster is actually heavily stocked with 4s and 5s


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        Yeah the recruiting doesn't totally add up for #2 but the plan was likely to replace boogie either with a recruit or a transfer.


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          Al good points and Chase your Twitter breakdown on Andy's tenure was excellent. Well done sir.

          I was an Andy fan early but in reality he has been a little better than average if we are being honest. The problem with that is the talent has been much better than average for the most part so that is what is frustrating as a fan. Also while he has a lot of wins you have to consider that a majority of his non-conference opponents early to mid tenure were absolute crap thus a little smoke and mirrors on his overall win loss record.

          Andy is not going anywhere this season and will be back next season but I think unless he hits the Portal hard his run is over.

          Maybe I am a glass full kind of guy but I think this program should not settle for mediocrity and really try to go for it in hoops as we have a lot of advantages built in and I think the right guy could do really well here. While not easy I believe we can be an Arizona type of program.

          We'll see...