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A feature of AEs tenure are spells when the team just stops playing

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  • A feature of AEs tenure are spells when the team just stops playing

    Sometimes it comes at the beginning of games, like the E8 game against the Zag. Sometimes it comes early, like the game at ASU this year. Sometimes it comes late, like last night. While there were bumps in the road, SC was up 65-49 with less than 10 minutes to go, then:
    • Long missed 3 with 15 left on the clock
    • Blown defensive switch on a Colo 3
    • TO on weak post up by Morgan
    • TO when Bronny stops on a wide open back door
    • Morgan gets blown by on a high switch... no help
    • Missed corner 3
    • No block out by Bronny for a Colo and 1
    • Rodman blown by on drive, Morgan foul
    • Collier TO with 26 on the shot clock
    • SC goes zone, gives up wide open 10 tooter on the baseline
    • Shot clock violation
    • Collier asleep while his man screens a wide open 3
    • Johnson goes solo, miss
    • Collier wild shot
    • Boogie doesn't close out Simpson for a 3 in transition
    • Morgan loses de Sliva for a layup
    • Collier misses front end
    • Bronny gets blown by, and Morgan loses his man for a dunk that sends it to OT.

    So, outscored 24 to 8 in 9+ minutes. Not only is it horrific offense, the defense was bad too. If SC just plays at the same defensive level they had the previous 31 minutes of 1.6 opponent points per minute, they win by 9 and no one cares about the crap offense.

    There are those who think that anyone who calls for a change in Head Coach are drama queens and the worst fans in college basketball, but when this sort of thing keeps happening after 11 years, what should fans expectations be?

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    I wonder if there is objective data that can back this up, because as a fan one certainly feels this.


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      Watching the game on Saturday felt like a catastrophe happening in real time. I kept telling my dad "We're going to lose this game if we can't get a stop". Our defense really combusted down the stretch on Saturday. Indeed our mentally "checking out" on offense did contribute to the loss.

      I will note two things:

      - Arizona fans frequently feel the same way about their team ( just less frequently than us)
      - UCLA fans question Micks lineups and offensive droughts as well, etc.

      So indeed, other fans feel this, you are just more honed on it when it's your team. Or when you're getting the stops you're crediting the "great defense" instead of the opponents playing poorly.

      Secondly, in order for Colorado to come back, they must have been down big earlier - and indeed they were. So I guess Colorado had a "dry spell" earlier too, from their perspective. We have a tendency to view our guys playing well early in the game as "the real us" and us playing poorly late as "bumbling fools". Obviously we are somewhere in between.


      Against Colorado in particular, KJ Simpson either figured out our defense or just decided to start playing in H2. I honestly don't know what changed, but we could not stay in front of him or switch on him effectively. Offensively (for SC), they started running this defense that we were not smart enough to solve - they have the wing defender help ~tentatively~ on the left or right lane to prevent boogie or Collier from driving. I don't know what the solution is there.