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USC on-court, off-court plus-minus numbers the last five games

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  • USC on-court, off-court plus-minus numbers the last five games

    Originally posted 01-26-2021, 05:06 AM

    This excludes the Washington game; so only ASU, Riverside, Wazzu, Oregon State and Cal are included. "PPP" = "Points per Possession."
    Player Offensive PPP Defensive PPP PPP Differential
    White, Isaiah 1.07 0.89 +0.17
    Mobley, Isaiah 1.03 0.88 +0.15
    Eaddy, Tahj 1.07 0.93 +0.14
    Peterson, Drew 1.00 0.88 +0.13
    Mobley, Evan 0.98 0.91 +0.07
    Agbonkpolo, Max 1.02 0.97 +0.05
    Anderson, Ethan 1.00 0.99 +0.01
    Baumann, Noah 0.89 1.00 -0.11
    Goodwin, Chevez 0.90 1.07 -0.17
    There's a lot to digest here.

    Biggest surprise? SC is averaging less than 1 point per possession when Evan Mobley is on the court.

    Not a surprise? Offense is really strong when Eaddy is on the court.

    Biggest takeaway? Play Isaiah White more!

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    01-29-2021, 10:11 PM

    Originally posted by Trojan2021
    I wonder if the data if skewed because Evan plays the greatest number of minutes. Even if we have our "mostly B team" out there, we will sub Evan in and expect him to simply be the offense for that group. I have watched that not work a few times.

    Interesting point. Could very well be.